G6 – Contact Tracer

Do you seek a great solution for savety in your service business? If so, here is our contact tracer solution to keep your service business save from the current pendemic.

How does it work?

With our website your customers can submit their name, phone number and email-address with ease, just by scanning a QR code. Sign up forms can be created by you at any time it is necessary.


Why do you need it?

You might think that a piece of paper will do the trick as well, but actully it is the worse solution to manage the data of your customers. It is common that data on paper will be lost or people do not give accurate information. Not only that, but you will profit from a digital version as well, as it is way easier to manage the data digitally.



“We’ve tried it for the first few weeks with paper lists and noticed straight away that people were using fake names and phone numbers. A nearby restaurant recently got in trouble for the same reason. From that point it was very clear that Contact Tracer was the best solution for us.”

– Alex Howarth (65), Owner of City Restaurant in Nottingham, UK

Contact Tracer has provided us a really neat solution to break infection chains and comply with local regulations. I can totally recommend them to anybody.”

– Ryan Howarth (34), Managing director of UK FOOD SUPPLY LTD.

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