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Bring Operating Systems to everyone

Millions of elderly people can`t participate in digitalization.* During these difficult times this means having almost no social contact with family and friends. We aim at bringing modern technology to everyone. Helping you to connect to your loved ones.

*Study from Herbert Kubicek of the Institute for information management Bremen (ifib).

Introducing EasyOS

EasyOS makes the operating system as easy to use as possible. Large Icons, desktop assistant, support wiki and much more. Easy first steps allow you to leave behind any boundaries and concerns you might have. These tools provide a simple start into the digital age.


Second Level Support
EasyOS assistant John

About Us

We are Wilhelm Gates and Stefan Jobs, two young and aspiring tech savvies who thrive to improve ourself and the life of others. In the current situation, with the social life almost non-existent, especially our grandparents suffer from this. We wanted to provide a solution as it lies in our nature.

Live Talk 02.12.2020 and Pitch Presentation


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