G27 – Restaurant Rescue

From 10:45 am to 1 pm on Wednesday, Dec 2, 2020.

Restaurant visits not only satisfy our hunger, but also our need for social interaction – especially in these difficult times. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the German government as well as the population has been struggling with an unprecedented situation since the Second World War, which is why some approaches do not always serve their true purpose. This is where registration in public institutions such as restaurants, bars and cafés comes into play. More and more fake information makes the important and life-saving contact tracing, carried out by health authorities, more difficult. Infection chains are thus becoming a deadly danger.

Our Allround Solution

For Restaurant Customers

How easy is that? Restaurant visitors can have a unique and encrypted QR code generated on our website, which contains the necessary contact information. The generation takes place completely on the end device and does not require any database storage. Once the QR code is saved by the customer, it can be scanned at all participating institutions. Written registration forms are a thing of the past from now on

For Restaurant Owners

The lives of restaurant owners are also becoming easier. In times where resources are used more economically than ever, a uniform and simple system is just right. Less paperwork, less headaches, more focus on the business. With our on-site support, the changeover to our new system will be very easy. We also accommodate financially weak companies: the scanning process can be performed from any camera-enabled smartphone. No need for expensive scanner equipment.

Focus on what matters.


After several contacts we could win the majority of the Hamburg health authorities for us. They are now at our side as partners.

You can find the business letter here.

Large franchise companies must also maintain visitor data. To win McDonald’s as a partner was a big step for us as well as for the future of contactless check-in.

You can find the business letter here.

Inateck is a leading electronics company dedicated in high-quality barcode scanners, PCI-E card, HDD enclosures, docking station and more. We are happy to announce them as our newest partners.

You can find the business letter here.

About Us

In the context of the bilingual Hackathon 2020 at ITECH we (Djalal H., Dennis H., Paul R.) came together as a team. From a wealth of creative tools that we went through over and over again, our beloved prototype “Restaurant Rescue” was born. Our process was marked by ups and downs, mainly due to the current home office situation. We faced several technical and time management challenges as well as deadlines. If there is one thing we have learned, it is: trust is the strongest driving force.

Tech Stack

FrontendBootstrap 4
Basic Web Stack
BackendPython / Django
CI / CDGitLab / Heroku

Our Worksheets

In the course of our project we were allowed to use many different and helpful tools. The 6-3-5 Brainwriting-Method was very beneficial for us within the group because it stimulated our creativity in a very targeted way. As dreamers, realists and critics, we gained completely new views on our problem with the Walt Disney method.


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