G23 – ToNiCh

ToNiCh – Torben Schrötke, Niko Bertels and Christian Hankele

The problem

During a pandemic social distancing is more important than ever. But with more than 50% of business / industry sectors not being able to work from home, commuters face a serious problem.

Therefore we conclude.

Commuters have the issue that public transport vehicles are being overcrowded especially at rush hour time and therefore safety is a problem during a pandemic. 

Our solution

We want to provide a solution for everyone that allows people to avoid crowds in trains, busses and other means of transport. A simple solution that is easy to use.

That is why we decided to develop a service that shows the occupancy rate of public transportation as a traffic light system. In this way we can help you to reach your destination safely. Simply avoid crowded trains to protect yourself and your relatives.

Meet Us Online

Find our virtual booth on the wonder.me market place and talk to us! We will gladly answer your questions from 09:00 to 13:00 on Wednesday Dec 2 2020.

Or write us via Instagram. Just click on the picture and send us a message.

About us

The team behind the ToNiCh Project (Hackathon 2020):

Torben Schrötke, Niko Bertels and Christian Hankele

Berufliche Schule ITECH Elbinsel Wilhelmsburg (BS14)
Dratelnstraße 26
21109 Hamburg

We decided to use Jira and Confluence to structure our work. We created Epics and from them User Stroys and prioritized tasks based on their complexity. We then created sprints to work together on tasks and distribute tasks to each other. At first we concentrated on building a mock-up app in Figma. From there we built our application via VSCode using Angular and published our app via Heroku. In summary, our communication and the reliability of our team members was very good and we enjoyed working together. We complemented each other positively as everyone has different strengths and we helped each other a lot.

Curious? More about us and our journey can be found here.