G05 – Corona Regulations

Defining our Problem –

In order to define a problem, we first decided on whom we specialize on.

After creating a persona we now come to our problem definition.

Every federal state in germany has his own corona regulations, based on the past, where every federal state has his own state laws and handles problems similarly but yet differently.
Because of many different regulations and the freedom of speech, which also allows newspaper agencies or every other person to publish the corona regulations online. It not only gets confusing but also false information is being spread and may end up in a fine when not following the regulations of your federal state.

In our example Anna-Lisa Meier, our persona, recently lost her job and is about to visit her daughter in another federal state. Because there are different corona regulations for Lower-Saxony and Hamburg and she didn’t read the news, because they said different things, she doesnt know that she is only allowed to visit but not allowed to bring along her friend. Our solution should get her the information she needs according to the federal state she is in.

How do we plan to do so?

Our idea was to create a website where you get the corona regulations of your current federal state you are in using the location-tracking option, which every browser-capable device is using. This eliminates the chance of getting confused, while informing yourself about new corona regulations and the chance of you getting to pay a fine because you didnt follow the rules accordingly.

Showcase of our solution

Our solution is a website, which you see below.

To get to our website and see for yourself, click here :

After you first get on the website you are encouraged to try it out.
Just click on TRY IT or on REGULATIONS on the top in the nav-bar to get redirected.

Here you can choose whether you want your location to be tracked automatically or choose it manually.

Upon clicking automatic tracking you are asked to give permission for the location and then the text with the according information will be displayed.

If you click on manual selection you get redirected to the site above to choose manually, what regulations you want to see.

Benefits of the solution

Our solution brings all the informaion you need to be knowing every single day, since the corona virus won’t just disappear and we all need to respect the regulations in order to live through this as a unity.
When our prototype will be better developped we could see us trying to work with the government, because we are the opinion that it should be a given to get information of this kind in the corona app.
Not only because it already needs your location and they can work with that but that providing clear information to the citizen should be provided clearly & confusefree.

How do you earn money if the service is free?

At first we are going to use banner ads on the side of our site to earn a bit of side-revenue.
Later on we would like to work with the government and get a bit of support from their site, because we are doing a good thing for the people.
Of course we don’t only count on the government.
In order to be able to view our site ad-free you can donate any amount you want starting from 1$. Upon donating you can chose to be written in our ranking or donate anonymously. Also our top-donators can test features a week earlier than our normal customers, to keep a close relation to our users and also limit the amount of users we will work with because we still lack staff to expand.
We also would like to go out and ask different types of celebreties, not only hollywood stars, but also youtubers and influencers to review our site, because this is not only beneficial for them but for all people viewing aswell.
Of course this won’t go for ever but we want to make the best of the situation and provide everyone with the information he needs and we want to do it fast and easy.

About Us

We are a small group of three students:
Dominik, a trainee system integrator
Nazir, a trainee software engineer
Nikita, a trainee software engineer.

Follow us

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We are doing a market place on the 02.12 on the following wonder.me link:
Feel free to join us from 11:00 to 13:00pm CET! We are looking forward to present you the solution and give you some further details.