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For many people visiting restaurants is an important part of their live. It’s more than just enjoying good food. Restaurants create a totally unique atmosphere. They enable a vivid social exchange. And often shape the cultural landscape of whole districts

But right now restaurants are in severe danger. The Covid-19 pandemic forces them to close. Most business owner don’t know if they will ever open again.

“I am really concerned about the future. I don’t know if I can afford it to keep my restaurant.”

David Müller (45), Restaurant owner

Food Box For The Locals

Therefore we want to intercept and try to help both owners and customers. We take the rising concept of a food box, where you assemble a package with ingredients and recipes, to the next level.

Instead of shipping it across the whole country, we cooperate with local partners – restaurants, distributors and farmers. Connecting the customer with their favourite eatery right around the corner.

A win-win situation for both parties. Customer receive fresh ingredients, prepared meals and editorial bonus content like recipes or articles on a weekly basis. For restaurants we offer a new, sustainable income channel.

Together we stand for keeping an important part of culture alive and offer hope in this dark times:

Hope Box: Save your local restaurant

Aggregation Platform

As a start point we choose our lovely home Hamburg. With a diverse amount of restaurants ranging from luxury over nordic home cooking to the small Greek, Hamburg offers perfect conditions for our platform.

Customers can visit our website and easily start to customize their weekly box. Currently we have five partner restaurants, but more are likely to join. As we share a passion for the restaurant culture, we agreed on a revenue split. So we can achieve the lowest possible prices while guaranteeing a product with high quality. Additionally we offer support services for our partners to take the burden of customer inquiries away from them.

After selecting their favourite meals of the week, users are only on click away from supporting their local restaurant. Every week restaurants will present new meals one can checkout and select for a box.

We will send the boxes on Wednesday’s directly to the customer’s door. In there he will find ingredients specific for the selected meals, already prepared meals and editorial content exclusive to the supported restaurants.


If we limited the MVP and prototypes to restaurants and the assembly of a food box, we planned our solution in such a way that an extension to other business areas is easily possible.

As cinemas and bars also depend on customiser to be on premise, our original plans incorporated this businesses too. Time constraints forced us to constrain ourself to restaurants for now.

But because cinemas and bars are as close to our hearts as restaurants we would plan to bring them on to the platform too. Later technology iterations would feature an editor page for business owners, on which they can edit the contact information, their weekly offerings and overview for users. Cinemas and bars could use this editor page to provide exclusive movie streams, film nerd goodies or cocktail tips and tricks.

First draft of the editor page

Contact us

You can find at least one of us at our marketplace wonder.me on Wednesday between 10:45 to 12:45. We are in booth 7.

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