G10 – Coronaparty – Melden

Since the begining of the Pandemic, and the therewith go along measures, all concerts, sport events and other gatherings are cancelled. This is a problem for the people which where normaly going to events regularly as an social interacting. But it’s even worse for the venue owners and smaler artists. They don’t have any source of income right now and propably also have existential fear. To relieve the pressure of those who are in a financial crisis due to COVID-19 we thougt of a way to collect money but also to make sure this pandemic ends as soon as possible. So everyone can enjoy their favourite artist live, visit a festival, meet friends, plan their prom and generally financially survive in this branch again.

Our Solution

How could we do that? We designed a website where you can report any violation of the current social distancing regulations, for the good of everyone. For every detected violation with your help, you get a 25% share of the fine paid. The remaining 75% will be shared among the previously named small businesses and artists that aren’t able to produce an income, due to COVID-19.

Safety first

What if anyone tries to take down, or troll our service by flooding it with bots?
To avoid that happening we are using Captcha to confirm that you are a real person.

Allthough this feature is still planned: We are aware that there might be people who just want to annoy their neighbors by false reporting with fake names. Our approach to solve this problem is to confirm your identity via SMS authentication.

About Us

As part of the apprenticeship at the ITECH we (Jannek T., Massimo G., Julian H., Jennifer K.) mashed up as a team. After a lot of ideas we came to the decision that an important problem are the amount of people that have no income right now. Because we can’t think about all of them we took the ones who get less attention in social media or on TV and radio. The process was difficult and had a lot of sticking points. But the result came out pretty nice.