G13 Storage Checker

 Ever had unpleased customers because they couldnt get what they were looking for?


Let us present the solution!

Storage Checker, show your customers what you still have in stock!


Our Addon for your supermarket homepage is connected with your
Storage Database and the customers can search for their
desired products and see how much is still in stock.
They can navigate to their desired product by the categorical navigation.
The shown numeric numbers are just a roundabout of your stock
and not the exact stock numbers.


Here is a short explanation video:

To access our test website click on the following link:

to access the page use the following log-in data:
Username: Schule
Password: BS14


Our business model:

Business model


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About us:

For the Hackathon 2020 we have formed the team of
Deniz Bozkurt (21), Jan-Hendrik Danschke (26) and Kenneth Freundlich (21)
to work out our project.
Our goal was to make supermarket shopping safer to protect the customers. We developed a solution that allows customers to plan in advance what products they need and if they are still available in their supermarket.