G19 – MOTIV8

“We know social-distancing can be kind of depressing and many people lack motivation and inspiration to achieve their goals.”

The Problem

In the depressing times of Corona and social distancing, many people are desperate because they simply cannot find the motivation to work on themselves and their goals. It’s just too easy to fall into the habit of sitting on the coach and binge watching tv-shows the whole day.
Still, it makes the people more unhappy, because they have so many spare time and they can’t seem to find a real purpose for their freetime.

Lots of people don’t have a good organization. Because of this, they lose time and the sight of their goals.

Many people would like to pay more attention to their Nutrition.
However, they hardly find any good recipes thatthey can easily cook.
For many it is too exhausting to think about a meal after 8 hours of work.

Most gyms are closed during Corona. Therefore, most athletes do not know which exercises they can do and seek for a new experience – a challenge.

The Solution:
everything in one simple APP

MOTIV8 will help you to stay motivated and productive throughout the day.

With just one simple app.

“At MOTIV8 we know that success comes with consitency.”

Here you can see a screenshot of the Daily Tasks feature of our app.

You can add the tasks that you want do complete every day.

Feeling down?
Go to the random motivation section of the app and it will hit you up with an inspiring qoute, motivating picture or new stuff to try out.

Investor relations

Why should you invest in MOTIV8?

MOTIV8 just comes at the right time for you to enter the growing smartphone market.

People are bored and depressed at home and MOTIV8 helps them to achieve their goals and follow their dreams.

First we are going to release our app on Android and upload it to google play store.
By programming on Android we are targeting approximately over 80% of the Smartphone market.

But how does MOTIV8 plan to earn money?

MOTIV8 is initially a free app, which is financed through advertisements.
We will also use reflinks to products, that are related to our app and our customers (e.g. proteins, food, workout equipment).
In addition to that we plan to add a premium feature later on. With that feature we can earn money directly from our customers without any ads.

Visit us at wonder.me room 2 booth 19 and download our prototype.

About us

We are a young and dynamic team that has specialized in offering useful and practical apps to its customers.

We ourself struggle sometimes to find the motivation to work on ourselfs and achieve our lifegoals. So we know about the problem and we are focused to improve our life everday by reserching new motivation methods, workouts, healthy lifestyles etc.

Contact us via: app.motiv8@gmail.com

*please keep in mind that this is an early prototype build and may not function properly as intended – or may not function at all. Also most of the features arent in the prototype yet. Please contact us if you encounter any errors. Thanks 🙂

Used Resources

For this project we used android studio and java for the first time. So we never worked with these before and had to learn everything we’ve done so far in two weeks.