G25 – GeCo – Generation Connect

The Problem:

Digitization is an ever-growing topic, especially during the Corona Pandemic. Whether it’s video calls with relatives or making any kind of appointment, you won’t get far without a basic understanding of the Internet and modern devices. But for a part of our society, digitization is happening too fast. This applies primarily to the generation that grew up without this technology, the so-called “digital immigrants”. Everyone knows it, you are visiting grandma and grandpa and immediately somebody passes a device to you and asks to make the set up or to make you show how it works. Most of the time you invest 5 minutes for a “hands-on” and grandma and grandpa already know how to order their favorite pasta from the Italian via lieferando. But what happens to people without available relatives or those who cannot- and are not allowed to see anyone because of the current situation?

The Idea:

A platform where digital natives and digital immigrants can connect. Volunteers can register in an online form and see instant results of people in need in their city. The digital immigrants can registrate online or on non-digital ways, like a phone call or by a letter.

So we invented “GeCo –  Generation Connect”.

The Solution:

GeCo is a service platform that will found a base of an interdemographic network that will change society. We are connecting people who seek and offer help on our online platform where volunteers that are ready to make an impact on modern problems can register on our website and provide their contact details to support us as a helper for different terms; digital, in real life or topics regarding langue barriers. People who are in need can register and find volunteers in their area, ready to help them regarding their problem. Because an exlusively digital solution would be contradicting we implemented a Hybrid solution. GeCo provides a service hotline that is available for those who are not able to register themselves online, we fill out the given form with them together, so no one gets left behind.

To gather as many volunteers as possible and to reach people who need help, we hope that many of you will spread our solution and tell their friends and family, so we can build up a social network fast, because only together we are strong.

How to use Geco:

1. Choose if you are searching or offering help.

2. Fill out the form


3. See your matching results and contact them


How we went Viral

We have partnered up with NDR90,3 and did a Radio interview.
Click the playbutton below, to hear it or click here to read the article about it.



How we evaluated our solution

Our Persona:

Our Business Model Canvas

Our Empathy Map







Our biggest Achievements


1. Setting up a local Host and VPN connection on a Pi
2. How we evaluated our solution
3. Working agile


By Arjo Hinrichs, Sammy Abdul and Jan Schlößer