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The problem

Since the start of the pandemic, the work people have to do, is the same. The problem is that many processes are still very analog and even a lot of big companies don’t have good solutions for enabling efficient and secure working from home.

The solution

An Open Source Professional collaboration tool.
Build with an simple UI and an privacy first approach.
That you can use in the Cloud or host it yourself. And we provide TLS certs for https with an certbot container in our docker compose.

Our competitors

And compared to our competitors, we are innovative in some points. Our software has cross-platform support, because it works in a modern webbrowser. Our software is open source. We have a simple to use user interface. We have good privacy. And our software is not only for companies. Families for example can also use it.

Tech Stack

We use for our frontend Angular in combination with the WebCrypto Api and OpenPGPJs for the E2E encryption (Demo /crypto) .
For the Chat and Video Chat we used Socket.io to communicate with our backend. The Videocalls are implemented with WebRTC.
The Backend is implemented in Python3 and uses redis for call and token
caching and a postgres as a database for the users, chat rooms and messages.
We deploy our Application as an docker-compose automatically
with ansible to lxc containers with there own IPv6.
Ansible also takes care of getting Let’s encrypt certs via our docker-compose at start up.

Our database structure

Our chat software works with a PostgreSQL Database. The messages are stored in the chat_message table. Every chat_message is bind to a chat_room. Also bind to the chat_room is the chat_member. Chat member and message has both the user id from the user table. The user has as his primary key a normal integer id. But for the Token authentication and all other processes the software use the frontend_id of the user. This is a uuid.

Meet us at our market stand on 2nd december 2020 from 11:00 to 13:00 at wonder me.

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