G9 – EasyReservation



Our problem

  • People in our target group needs to take care of their families (by grocery shopping for example)
  • They need to manage their time effectively
  • Most importantly: They need to make sure that the basic things like toilet paper etc. are always available at home
  • Since toilet paper, flour, etc. are often sold out, people have to go to different supermarkets trying to find the goods they need. This takes time, is bad for the environment and you can never be sure that the next store you go to really has the item you are looking for in stock.

Our solution

We created a PWA where you can do reservations for the goods you like to buy at your local supermarket.

After choosing the store you want to go to, you can simply add items that you need to your shopping cart and we reserve them for you.

In the store, your personal QR code is scanned so staff knows which goods they should hand out to you. 

No more stress, no more wasted time. EasyReservation.

You can find out more here:

The prototype of our PWA: http://easyreservation.azurewebsites.net/

 Our API: http://easyreservationapi.azurewebsites.net/

 Our code: https://dev.azure.com/Hackathon2020G9/_git/EasyReservation


Our team

Veith: He’s our chief developer and can write API code like it’s a piece of cake.

Melissa: She’s our product owner and takes care of all the business-related topics. 

Ebi: He’s in charge of our design and is also our scrum master.


The long way from the first idea to the final product

We started very motivated into the first sprint and had lots of ideas. We wanted to solve either the problem of elderly people being lonely during the time of the pandemic or the problem of children having problems using the technology needed to achieve good graden when being homeschooled. So we created personas and empathy maps for these problems:


Finding a solution was not as easy as identifying problems. So after one week, we decided to throw all of our progress away and start from scratch.

We can up with a problem and even with a solution!

Important goods being sold out in supermarkets all the time

And our solution is EasyReservation!

This is the business canvas we created to get a good understanding of the service we want to provide:

We had a huge problem finishing the project in time, but in the end, we are very happy with our result. I hope you are too!