G14 – Mask On?

An App that always reminds you that you need a mask!

Mask – on?

Have you’ve been insecure about not knowing were to wear a mask?

Do you have a habit to forget your mask when you leave your home?

We have the solution for you!

Our APP shows you all places where you need to wear your mask.
With our integration of the Google API you will know how to navigate in seconds, since you will have your usual Goggle Maps layout.

Do you have a habit of forgetting your stuff when you leave the house?
Worry not! Our App also gives you the feature of sending you a notification to your phone to make sure you have your mask with you.
Just set your home location and you will always be reminded.

Meet the Team!


First of all we had to determine our Problem. We started with brain writing, creating empathy maps and the persona we are doing this for. (You! ❤) Right off the bat we had good ideas and started to focus on these. Our Goal is to give everyone an easy way to view locations which require the use of a mask. Also we want to draw more attention on the importance of using masks.

While working we used a scrum method to subvide our work in different sprints. We focused on building a mock-up app in Marvelapp to get a better picture of what we want to accomplish. Furthermore we could use this mock-up app to plan on how we can realize the final product.