G04 – Structured Interpersonal App

Home Office – a place to work and life at the same time.

Did you ever tried to balance your private life with your work in the same room?

Through Covid-19 most of us are forced to deal with it.
The result:

  • Some people work too much because they can’t afford a healthy work-life-balance
  • Others can´t find their motivation to work productively
  • Almost everyone takes less care of their body´s because of the lack of movement

“Am I the only one who can´t work productively at home?”

Hannah Hamstermann

What do we want to achieve through SIA?

  • Structure your day
  • Stay in contact with your colleagues
    • Also on a personal level
  • brief exercises to motivate and to stay healthy
  • strict time limits for working

Stay healthy at home!

Let´s have a look

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Some of our perfectly matched exercises for your health at home

Daily ToDo´s to keep you organized

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