G22/G26 – TooManyTeams

We are the groups G26 and G22. We worked on two projects that merged into the TooManyTeams suite.

Home Alone

Our Target group are people that sit at home during the corona pandemic. These people need to communicate. Either to their coworkers or their family members.

You can always use the phone or communicate through a ticket system. But we have a better solution.

Why TooManyTeams?

We value the benefits of a personal, physically communication.

We simply focus on creating a nice and friendly environment for people, who want to get creative while planning! Customize your daily, your planning boards, and whatever else you might think of!
Also we try to make the communication through our tool simple. This way, also families and even elderly people can profit from the experience we try to deliver.

There are a lot of organizational tools and chat apps. So why did we build TooManyTeams? The answer is simple:

Our Product

G22 – Whiteboard

The Whiteboard is an interactive surface in which you are able to place notes freely and customize your experience. We have what the creative mind needs: Colors, pens and your friends or colleagues.

The goal is to let coworkers engage more with one another during their workflow. A physical board has more character and looks personal. We see a great value in this kind of engagement. Especially during the corona crises.

The Idea is to provide a substitute for an actual whiteboard or bulletin wall:

  • plan projects creatively
  • more interaction between team members / colleges
  • a basic ticket system like Jira is very good in an office environment. But we want to connect the planing and workflow with visual interaction.
    -> add sotial aspects
Physical planing board
Current progress

The project was made with angular and socket.io.

G26 – Chat App

Simply planning your day, week or next sprint can get boring really fast and isn’t as useful on its own. What you need is a chat for your room! Write important messages, have fun and feel free to use some amusing emojis.
We also kept in mind, that some people prefer a safe environment while chatting with others. So check out our text filter to hide mean words from our list [you can help by expanding it ;)]!

The project was made with angular and socket.io.

Watch our Trailer

What we do Differently

There is not much to think about when you have decided to use our product. Our slogan is: “Keep it simple and intuitive”.
Other applications tend to be sterile and limit your experience to rows and columns. We, on the other hand, bring home the pleasant feeling you normally have when you stand in front of a pinboard in the office!

Try our Prototype

Try it out together!

Note that we only have one whiteboard
that is shared between all visitors.

How to get a Licence (Business Model)

As a private person you are able to use our Software free, provided on our servers.

If you are interested in an implementation of TooManyTeams for your company, licences for self-hosted solutions can be purchased.


Our system is designed for office workers or just for people who want to have a cool whiteboard on their computer. But we can also imagine that our solution can also be expanded for the needs of schools!

Schools can profit from the interactivity and free range of usability. The tool could improve the engagement of the students by giving them a greater interaction beyond audio and presentation-like screen sharing.

Another idea we had is to add a space in which every chat, board or user has a physical location. Then you can see each other’s move and interact with the board. That adds to the feeling of being together with the other persons.


Our marketing strategy was to post on social media and promote our product. Especially on Twitter we tried to get as much attention as possible in a short time and to be seen. In the two screenshots below we show the results of about 24 hours of marketing on Twitter. We have reached a total of almost 11500 people and almost 2000 video views.

How many People see our Tweets
Total video views on Twitter

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