“The app to never train alone again”



The Problem and Solution

If you are alone at home how often do you think to yourself
now im going to work out?

Today im going to do some sit ups to keep me fit, when do you

And with the current Pandemic with the Gyms closed it is even
harder to keep fit and with the closing and opening of Gyms
you lose interest and continuity.
Our App is the solution to your Motivation.
Now you can train with others by using your Webcam and joining
other User Rooms so you can train together.
We also have professional Gym Coaches who also don´t let you down.

You can chat with others and even get to learn new People, which
can become your daily training Partners what makes it a lot easier.

So sign up and get started today, you are missing out!


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The App:

If you want to see how our app works, check it out and click on the link below:


From Carlos und Franz