STAGED – We bring the stage to your living room

Due to Coivid-19 many Artists had to cancel performances and events and now lost valuable income.

On the other hand there are many culture lovers and event enthusiasts who are looking for entertainment because they aren’t allowed to visit live performances.

Our solution offers artists and fans a platform to reconnect.

STAGED is the name of our online platform where artists can upload their performances and plan live performances. They can decide wether they want to get paid per video or offer free videos and collect donations. Customers can watch a wide range of videos, discover new artists and support their favorite artists.

Our planned features

  • Watch livestreams and recorded performances
  • Only pay for the content you want – artists decide if and what you have to pay for a video
  • Get an email reminder for upcoming events
  • See all planned uploads and live events in the calendar
  • Discover new artists
  • Create an account and safe all your favorite videos for later

Our Buisness model

Our main source of income will be commissions of small precentage from paid content. Below you can see our whole Buisness Model Canvas:

Our users

Our customers are artists and people who are interested in music and culture and want to support artists during Covid-19. Those could be in all age groups above 18 and should be familiar with online shopping and video streaming services.

Our Teamwork

In the Hackathon we got to know different Design Thinking methods, like the Personas and Empathy Maps above or the Walt Disney Method.

We worked with Scrum, so we used a Scrum Board in Jira and had Retros, Dailys and Sprint Plannings e.g.

Most of the time we developed our prototype. For our website we used a small Springboot backend with a react frontend. We managed our database on MongoDB Atlas which we connected with our backend. Last one we hosted on Heroku and our frontend we hosted on Netlify.

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Hope you enjoyed our landing page and visit us on wonder.me

Georgina & Jonna