G5- Green Comp



up our world..

if not us?


Plastic waste..

… is a major problem for the entire world population. We as humans are responsible for the garbage and are also the only ones who can do something against it.

Not only we suffer from the pollution the plastic causes but also animals and nature itself is in danger.

The sooner we start to take care of the plastic the better because someday it will be too late!

The Team

Tammy: SCRUM Master and Coordinator

Katharina: Product Owner and Designer

Gislain: First Developer and Visionary

Marius: Second Developer and Alpha-Tester

The process of breaking down a problem

We first concentrated on more than one problem that the world has and then decided on one.

Based on that we created a persona that would break the problem down for us referring to a tinier problem that everyone might have in their daily life.

After that we came up with the idea of developing a “competitive trash-app“. Our personas problem that we could tackle was the fact that she had problems motivating her friends. Our App should do just that: with collecting trash you also collect points and you can also see how others do as well with the implemented ranking system. But not only that: once you reach certain thresholds you also receive a rewards!

So from our Prototype…


Our prototype was designed with three main screens: the login screen where you can also register yourself, the home screen where you can see your current score and the ranking screen where you can also see your score in comparison to other users.

We arrived at our product!

Here’s a little demonstration:

We decided to add the points via a “scanner system”. Products can be scanned and a size can be added. Each size has its own value of points that can be added to your total score.

To tackle the problem of possible cheating, each scanned product will be added to a database. That way a product already scanned cannot be changed in size.

Also we call upon the honesty of humankind. The competitive aspect should only be used in a sense of motivation and should not be exploited for the single reason of winning. Please keep that in mind.

So get the app and collect trash for the world and against your friends!

Happy Collecting!