Group 1: Climate change – SocialReality Application

SocialReality VR-Application

SocialReality VR-Application

Group 1: Climate change – SocialReality Application



The Problem: Climate change

The world is getting faster and faster.
Everything is getting faster.
Production is getting faster, traffic is getting faster and so is pollution.

Air pollution

How to reduce CO2 emissions?

One of the main reasons for the climate change and air pollution, is CO2.

So how can we reduce CO2 remissions?
This is not a simple question.
But there are good news!
So in the last year (2020), we already reduce the CO2 emissions.

What has changed in 2020?

The main reason, the CO2 emissions have decreased in 2020 is the current corona pandemic.
Due to the current pandemic, many countries have tightened their entry and exit conditions and partly banned entry and exit.
In addition, many people have been sent to the home office and many pupils/students have studied at home.
This has/had the effect that there was significantly less traffic.

In summary, the reason why CO2 emissions have decreased, is that traffic has decreased significantly in the last year.

The question: How can we keep traffic down?

Obviously, traffic will increase again after the pandemic, but can’t we prevent or limit that?
In this way we could ensure that CO2 emissions would not increase too much again.

Our Vision

Our goal is to improve home office / school solution, so we can provide a much better user experience, during home office and home schooling.

– Create a virtual school / office
– Make it possible to see each other in 3D space
– Make it possible to interact with other people and tools in the 3D space
– Make the VR-Rooms look realistic
– Application should be usable on a computer as on a VR glasses
– It will increase social life and quality of life during a pandemic
– VR glasses are not accessible to all
– The technology already exists
– Who will use this?
– Will this replace normal schools and offices?
– How much will it cost?

We want to make working and learning from home so attractive that it is also practiced after the pandemic, even if it is not used full-time.
So we can reduce CO2 emissions.

Our application should contain these rooms, so the user can switch between them and get a feeling of beeing in a real building:

  • Meeting room
  • Class room
  • Hangout room
Sketch of the VR-Rooms




Who will use the application?

We design our product to be suitable for multiple target groups.
We have designed the product for users who study or work from home.

Here is an example of a user for whom the product is suitable:

However, our product can of course also be used for leisure activities, so it should be possible to play games together in the “Hangout room” or to exchange ideas / talk with each other.

We offer with our software a platform, that offers many possibilities and also possible extensions!

The prototype

After many hours of hard work, our team has managed to develop a solid prototype.

We were able to create a virtual school.
Included is also a meeting room, which is particularly appealing for companies.

Our application has been given the name SocialReality.

The team

We are a team, that has been united through the “International Design Thinking Entrepreneur Workshop”.

We consist of four members:

  • Ethan Bahmanyari (USA / GER) – Software Developer
  • Maxance (FR) – Scrum Master
  • Remy BERAUD (FR) – Technic
  • Maurin Wannags (GER) – Product owner

The whole team did a good job, it was a very great collaboration.

Maurin Wannags (product owner), 21.05.2021