Label Scanner/Search Engine

The Label Sccanner/Search Engine provides a user friendly experience while helping the consumer find out more about the different labels that are printed on several foods.

Team Roles

Scrum-Master: Luca,

Developer Team: Luca, Emile,

(Ex)Product Owner: Adrien,

The problem

The following image presents the problem we lovely call “label hell”.

Think about yourself. We just assume that you care for the products you buy, as well as the quality of the product by orienting on certrain labels like the EU-Bio Label.

You may have stumbled upon several labels on foods you’ve never heard about. They sound good “Initiative Animal Care” and so on. But as a consumer you can get tricked by these labels easily. A lot of labels just fulfill the EU minimum requirements of a product, while leading you into thinking, youre doing something good, spending a bit extra money and buying the “good food” product with all these shiny, promising labels.

The Solution

We came up with an idea for an mobile app. The app should be able to scan any label you capture with a photo via your phone and send you back a user friendly display on what the specific label qualifies, what its weakpoints are, how reliable the label is etc. That way the consumer doesnt need any know-how or annoying googling for the label on the product to be bought. We do that all for you!

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