ShareMa – Group 6


Did you know, that as much as one third of all food produced is lost or wasted.
The fact that one in nine people do not have enough to eat proves the absurdity of waste.
It’s estimated that about 793 million people are undernourished, despite the fact that the worldproduces enough food to feed everyone.
Climate change is also significantly affected by food waste.
Reducing waste is the third most effective way to combat it.

Finding the topic

First, we brainstormed the main problems of food waste.

Dreaming about a world without food waste

With the help of the Disney Method, we dreamed up a world without food waste. At the same time, we developed realistic solution ideas and questioned them over and over again.

Specify ideas

The ideas were now refined using the 6-3-5 method.

Project Wireframes

In this step, we compared our ideas with other similar apps and developed a color palette as well as wireframes.

Agile Roles

For our agile process, we divided ourselves into roles.

  • Aun (Scrum Master)
  • Franzi (Developer)
  • Hafiz (Tester)
  • Lecy (Designer)
  • Mika (Project Owner)


We created a working Web App prototype of ShareMa.


ShareMa’s source code has been versioned on GitHub.