Clever Repair – Group 8

Hello, we are Clever Repair!

We are a repair network that aims to improve your user experience of technical products by making repairing them a swift and effortless endeavor.  By doing this we also aim to help the environment by preventing overconsumption.

Our motives:

In the last five years, the amount of e-waste has increased by 21 percent.

We at  Clever Repair believe that it is more important than ever that we reuse as many devices as possible. Currently we are wasting so many resources due to planned obsolescence in consumer electronics.

This has an extremely negative impact on the environment, because we mine more resources and emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere just to produce products that replace others that are planned to fail. We only have one planet and we want to preserve it, by living sustainably, we will have to change how we “consume” products.

From our view the best way to solve this is by moving away from consumerism. We can archive this by reusing and repairing devices. No longer treating them as a single use product.

To archive this we want to make repairs a no brainer by connecting you to the nearest repair service or offering you the parts and knowledge you need to perform it yourself!

To find our more about us and how we vie the future of repair check out our website prototype by following this link!

-> https://steffenschneider8.wixsite.com/my-site