Roomey – Team 7

Affordable housing in Big Cities

The Issue:

In big Cities, it is extremely difficult to find affordable housing for students and young people in general. Shared flats are a pretty common approach to help with that. But even with that there are problems in finding a room with all the desired criteria, looking at rent, location, space and the roommates. Especially the last one, roommates can be difficult, if you don’t know the people you are moving in with.

Our Solution:

We created a platform for people to easily and efficiently find rooms or roommates. With the help of filters one can find rooms, that fit the criteria while providers of rooms can also filter the applicants. The search takes place with a Tinder like matching algorithm, so that instead of being long and annoying, it will be short and fun.

This is our mockup of how it could look. The automated filters would filter flats and apllicants so that for example one that has a Animal hair Allergy does not see flats with pets that have hair and the other way around. Same for a non-smoker that says he can only live with non-smokers (maybe because of Asthma or just because he doesnt like it) and so on. Every flat thats not prefiltered by stuff like that or location or rent or space can be seen by the searcher like in the mockup, same for providdders. If applicant and provider both give each other a like, its a match and they can chat on the platform to see if ot reallly fits and getting to know one antoher. If all goes well, a match leads to someone moving in :).

Our MVP: https://roomey.app