AllgemeinDEW2022 Córdoba - Spain

Secure Barrera – Team 2

About us

We are a group of four students coming from Spain and Germany. Our competencies are computer specialist, software engineer and electronic maintainer. During the last two weeks we worked as a team to come up with a solution for our problem. Because of our different backgrounds we had multiple perspectives and thus various ideas to solve our problem.

The problem

On our first walk to the IES La Fuensanta we noticed that we had to share the narrow roads with cars and even busses. Some roads don’t have sidewalks and even if they have some, they are very small. Often there are just a few meters space between two houses. So there is no possibility to make the road wider. For little children this can be very dangerous, because it’s hard to see them from the inside of a car and also the children often don’t asses the traffic situation correct.

Our mission

Make the streets of the city center of Córdoba safer for pedestrians and especially for children. Preserve the beautiful architecture and reduce air polution and noise.

The solution

Prohibited most of the cars from some areas of the city center and install barriers. The local residents of the affected streets are still allowed to enter the area with their cars. For this reason there will be some kind of system to ristrict the access. This can be achieved with an electronic device installed in the car, a chip card or a smartphone app.

Our target audience

Parents that don’t have the time to walk their kids to school and are feared their children could have an accident.