DEW2022 Córdoba - Spain

Traffic Guide – Team 1

Design-Thinking 2022

In our opinion the blind people doesn´t have the same opportunity to cross the street safely, because not all traffic lights have acoustic signals, that’s the reason why they can´t be warned every time.

About us:

We are all in the age between 19 to 25. Raul is Spanish. Manuel and Rawech are from Germany. All of us are doing an It-Education.
In the Design-Thinking Workshop we decided to help blind people to life as normal as possible.
But we can´t solve all Problems that prevent them. We created the company “Traffic Guide” and want to develop an application.

Our person is Leonard Gray and he is 25 years old, he is a blind person. He would like to move around the city in complete safety, not depend on anyone and lead as normal a life as possible.

What does the App need to do:

The App need to warn all blind people, when they near by a traffic light and it should say what color the light have in this moment so they can cross the street safely.

Design of the application

It should be as simple as possible. You will have just 3 settings that you can change. Language, Voice and the warning distance.

What went right / What went wrong:

The work in the team has been very good, because each one of us has understood the problem and solution, we had to do, and we have been productive all the time. Also, everyone can use his strength but also can learn something new. Something that has gone wrong is that we have found a problem when carrying out our objective, but we have found another solution to the problem we had.

Plans in the Future:
Our idea for the application is that, in the future, we can implement new connection technologies to improve performance, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, connection between servers, etc.

Our GitHub: