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Lerningo Mobile App – Find me! Scan me! – Team 4

Hello from AP, Tim, AC, Veronika and Luca.

We would like to present our own application Lerningo. What is the difference of this app from the other language apps? It helps children to improve their English language in the School IES La Fuensanta and motivate them to learn it. We decided to combine reading and writing skills in our application for a productive learning. Moreover the children will have opportunity to compete with each other and have fun every day. The idea of the app was discussed and made collaboratively with Spanish and German students. No matter who uses it, you will learn English around you every day in the school.

Your game rules are: find the object with a QR Code, open the app and scan a QR Code and you will get the word in English and Spanish translation.

After the translation you can type the right word in the table. It helps you to remember the word. Correct answer gives you some points. You can compete with your friends in the class and in the whole school. Have fun!

Here you can find our documentation which includes the description of our planning, organisation and implementation phases and more than it.

Thank you for your attention,

your developers Team AP, Tim, AC, Veronika and Luca.

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