Hackathon 2022 Group 4 (Script Kiddies) Hacker School Project

Problem statement:

The hacker school has the problem of lacking visibility and participation/attractivity for ITECH students in general.

Our solution should give the hacker school ways to interact with the ITECH students and give presence in our school so that more ITECH students are interested in this project.

Target group:

This is Alex. Alex is our Persona for the target group: an ITECH student.

Empathy map:

The solution:

Our solution for the stated problem based on the developed persona and empathy map is a website which is publicly displayed on a monitor at the ITECH. The site shows all the available courses, when they take place and how many “inspirers” have already registered for a specific course and how many a still needed. Furthermore the website shows a leader board with the top 10 IT classes and how many courses were finished by the members of each class.

This public display would contribute to more visibility and generate more reach for the Hacker School among the ITECH students. The leader board could trigger a competition between the classes and lead to more “inspirers”. A “grand prize”, which could be a hoodie for every student in the winning class or a meeting with professional “inspirers” from local or global companies, for the leader of each semester could be very beneficial to increase interest in this project.

As an idea to get the students that are already interested in becoming an “inspirer” but do not know anything about the Hacker School yet we would suggest a little assembly kit containing a RasPi, maybe an old laptop display and some instructions to build the display and set up the web server and a website on the RasPi to be displayed at each school.

Link to our code:


What did we learn and how was our teamwork?

Top 3 things we have learned:

1. Personas are very helpful to understand the target group better.

2. The process of problem definition is a good way to get to know the problem and enabled us to find better solutions.

3. UX Design is a very important tool to keep in mind when designing a prototype.

Things that went well/badly in our team. What could we do better next time?

When we came together to work we were very focused. Sadly some of us were ill and some had to go to work for a few days. This put our working process to a full halt. Next time we could “divide and conquer” – meaning that we divide the tasks among ourselves and when someone is missing there is still progress being made.