Hackathon 2022-Redundancy and interface for the pillar


Our team is called Outsiders, we are 3 systemintegrators that work for the Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg to find problems a digital advertisment pillar might have and create solution for said problems.


We based our problem on the internet connectivity of the pillar. To allow for a more versataile position of the pillar, we thought about setting it up with a LTE connection that reports to the server, but because of the lack of stable internet in germany we will have a problem hosting the website in the cloud and displaying it on the Pi.


Our Persona is a ukraine teenager named David Melnyk who is new to the area and wants to know what the people around him are posting and maybe see some advertisments for raves.


Our solution to the problem is a RaspberryPi with a integrated webserver that hosts the Display panels of the pillars aswell as a hotspot to upload files to. To create a more secure way for the public our Pi doesnt directly stream the uploaded pictures to the display but sends them to a cloudbased CMS server that checks the uploaded files for viruses aswell as profanity/nudity. After the cms server approves for the files they will get send back to the local media library of the Pi to be then streamed on the displays. This gives us redundancy incase of a internet outage aswell as content moderation.


We worked on a technical and visual prototype which gives a small insight into the interaction with the pillar.

Login Page

Captive portal page that opens as soon as you connect to the wifi network.

Landing Page

One of the pages that get displayed on the pillar with instructions on how to upload files to it.

Upload Page

This page is only available on your phone so you can upload files to the webpage

Art gallery

Here we have another one of the pages that get displayed on the pillar. its the main art display that should draw attention to the residence. You can send memes/advertisments/information here.



User Persona Template


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