Digital Ad Pillar – Team “Siemens WU14UT40”

Who we are:

We are a group of entrepreneur at the ITECH BS14 and interested in technical improvements and social participation.

Customer & Definition of Problem:

The Cultural Centre of Wilhelmsburg imagined a digital Advertisement -Pillar to inform about local events, workshops, courses, or other social offers in their community. Therefore it has to be almost indestructible while being cheap to build and easy to use.


Vision / Concept:

For the most resistible and vandalism-proof construction while cutting cost, we designed a pillar with an inner scaffolding at which multiple monitor arms are mounted, to install a variety of used displays. All monitors are connected to a raspberry pi cluster of 6 modules to handle 12 outputs individually. The whole construction is then surrounded by a thick but transparent plexiglass tube, to protect the interior from outside impacts.


We deployed a client 4 webpages -one to host the displayed website in public and the other to give access online access with a QR code. One shows up on the Pillar with a QR code to the mobile site, the mobile site links to a page where you can input details about your planned event and one confirmation page that links back to the frontpage.

For now we implemented placeholder images to show off the possibility for preview images in form of a carousel