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The Issue

For Wilhelmsburg, education is one of the most important factors for a good development and upgrade of the long-neglected district. Many institutions and people recognize the need of a development within this district and it’s citizens. Therefore, we have to initiate a digital world, where people can interact and communicate smartly together. The issue here is to develop a digital advertisement pillar with the aim to educate and connect the citizens for a stronger social cohesion and to create more understanding, sustainability and value within the community. 

Who is this issue adressing?

Our Solution

The digital advertisement pillar should connect the local community in Wilhelmsburg through advertisements. The display is going to show the advertisements of the community where everyone can upload his own event or offer, such as a language course, and exchange services.

User Interface of the template for uploading an advertisement

Social Service Model Canvas

The advertisement pillar aims to be a connection point for locals to interact and help each other more and therefor build a stronger community with less prejudices and more understanding for individuals with different backgrounds.

Social Impact Mission

Value PropositionsSustainability ImpactBeneficeries Segment
Strengthen the community
Interaction between community
Animation to take part at cultural events or host your own event
Easy access to services from your neighbour
Promote local events which don’t get much attention
Fun facts and games about how to seperate and recycle waste
Display on standby / turns on when someone comes closer
Food sharing or goods gifting
(possible API for App “To good to go”)
The community in Wilhelmsburg
(Unemployed) citizens who look for an occupation and share their knowledge/skills
Citizens who are interested in local events and getting to know the locals and their different backgrounds
Citizens who are interested in strengthen the community through exchanging services
Cultural associations who want to promote their local events  
Key PartnersKey ResourcesKey Activities
Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg
Construction committee
Cultural organizations
Non-profit organizations  
Hardware (Monitor, Raspberry Pi, Sim card for internet connection, wiring)
Advertisement pillar
Permit to install the advertisement pillar
Money which can be demanded by applying to the competent authority
CMS (Drupal) & Server (Host)
Product development and maintanance
Cost StructureChannels
Hardware costs
CMS hosting costs
Developers payment
Technician payment
Utility costs
Administration payment
Electricity costs
Advertisement pillar rent costs
Mouth-to-mouth advertising
Social Media
TV (Hamburg journal)
(Online) newsletter (Hamburg.de)

Our Team