DEW2023 - Taipei

Indigo Dyeing – Team 1

The Indigo Dyeing art in the Sanxia district is dying. As the members of the association get older and the younger generations doesn’t seem to be interested in maintaning the tradition, we see a big challenge ahead of us which is fueled by a lack of funding, partnerships and social media awareness.

Throughout our work, we identified three main personas and developed strategies that reach out to them:

Based on it, we also built the business model canvas and the customer journey canvas:

As a way to reach to a broader public, we redesigned their current website, bringing a young and fresher look to it, besides working on the UI and UX:

We also developed a brand and a logo to match the association:

In the end, we identified the SDGs that match our association:

We visualized our Timeline to implement our Solution:

Group members: Anita, Billy, Boya, John, Joja, Lauren and Matthias