VitalProtein Powder

The Problem

The distilleries on Matsu Island produce 250 metric tons of SDG (Sorghum distillers grain) every year.

Sorghum distillers grain is filled with proteins and many other healthy nutrients which is why locals are using the SDG to produce food for themselves and their animals, but the sheer amount of left over SDG is overwhelming. Since the SDG also can not be transported or shipped easily as it is very wet and therefore very heavy, the majority of it goes bad and is dumped straight into the ocean.

How can SDGs be saved from being thrown away?

Our solution

We use SDG to create a profitable brand of fitness products called “VitalProtein” which focuses on the production and distribution of a unique protein powder on an international scale.

The introduction of our SDG-based vegan protein powder has the potential to be revolutionary as it it is unlike the traditional protein powders that are currently dominating the market.

Our products offer unique health and nutrient benefits and are made from a plant-based alternative making it ideal for everyone as it is vegan, without lactose and allergy friendly.

What We Offer

Our Product is Protein Powder created from this SDG as it is rich in nutrients and amino acids. Apart from the pure protein powder made from SDGs we will also create a protein powder mix with other plant based protein powders in the future. Mixed powders provide a wider range of amino acids and nutrients and are thus even more healthy.

Another important step is flavours. For now we only offer the original (unflavoured) taste as well as the classic vanilla flavour that is well known and loved in the protein powder industry. For the future we plan to regularly experiment with new flavours and have special limited-time deals to sell these new flavours and see how they are received by the community to then add them to our offers if they are well liked. The first flavours that we plan to experiment with are Strawberry and Mango.

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