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HotSnow Case – Group 6 | How HotSnow can expand to new markets

What is HotSnow?

HotSnow is a company founded in Oct. 2014 which provides artificial snow for playground areas in Taiwan and other east-asian locations. Besides that HotSnow sells toys and DIY products made out of artificial snow like DIY snowman. The snow is biodegradable and can easily be formed. By appearance and texture, HotSnow creates a highly realistic snow-experience in regions where no snow can typically be found.


HotSnows current main target group are children. We want to expand the target group to young adults, who want to rent snow and snow decorations for snow-themed events and partys like weddings. Therefore we created a concept for a new HotSnow website to attract more customers and to present our renting-services to other companies. In addition we programmed a fully functioning webshop where the customer can buy products HotSnow currently sells, for example DIY snowmen.

Concept for a marketing

We plan to gain attention through cooperating with local influencer and sponsoring free snow-themed events to make a name on the local event markets.

Concept for a new HotSnow Website

Scan the QR Code or use this link: Home | Hotsnow (phamdinhtuan3495.wixsite.com)

A fully functioning webshop for B2C

Use the QR-Code or click the link to get there: HotSnow – Shop (roomey.app)


Our Team

HotSnow International Ski Co,. Ltd.

company id : 24605438

e-mail: info@HotSnow.com.tw

tel: (+886) 3-6669327

address: Rm. 205, 4th floor,  No.5, Xin’an Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Website: https://hotsnow.com.tw/