DEW2023 - Taipei

Ruleset for Yukigassen with HotSnow

1 Basic Rules

Each team consists of 7 players
Each set lasts 3 minutes; the first team to win 2 sets wins
Each team gets 45 snowballs per a set
Players are eliminated when hit by a snowball on the fly (a direct hit)
The team that eliminates more of the opposition’s players or captures the opposing team’s flag wins the set

2 Court

2.1 The standard court will be a sectioned-off rectangle with the following dimensions:
Length 36m, Width 10m. And Shelters, chateaus, and flag stand placements are as
shown in Diagram #1.
2.2 Lines will be formed with a rope creating a solid line.
2.3 Protect yourself from Snowballs and attack your opponents with snowballs,
that is sports “Yukigassen – Snowball Fight -”!
A team wins when it captures the flag of the opposing team or hits all the
members of the opposing team with snowballs.
2.4 A safety net may be placed around the entire court 3m from the end and side lines.

3. Equipment

2.1 Snowballs shall be produced using snowball-making equipment before the match.
2.2 Glasses shall be ones specifically indicated.
2.3 Attire shall be those that are suitable for the sport. Shoes are required.
2.4 Glasses shall be kept on during the period of a match.

4. Fouls and penaltys

4.1 A player or a coach committing a foul as stated under clause 7.1 will be ordered to leave
the court (Red Card) , and the team will be given a warning (Yellow Card).
4.1.1 If a player commits an act deemed dangerous by the referee.
(ex. Using violence, Jumping over the shelter, etc)
4.1.2 If a player interrupts the match – to interrupt a match is when a player or coach does
not follow the orders of the referees in a way that it would keep the match from
continuing and to direct from unrelated player -.
4.1.3 If a player or a coach protests a decision made by the referees. 4.1.4 If a player or a coach behaves disrespectfully to the referees or the opponents.
4.2 The team committing a foul stated under clause 7.2 will be given a warning (Yellow Card).
4.2.1 If a team refuses to start a game or delays a match without good reason, in spite of a
referee’s multiple requests 4.2.2 If a player who is called “out“ to supplies their team with snowballs intentionally.
4.3 The team committing a foul stated under clause 7.3 will be disqualified (Red Card)
4.3.1 If a team is given 2 warnings in the same tournament.
4.3.2 If a team renounces a game without good reason.
4.3.3 If a player who is not listed or listed on the other team as a player participates in a
4.4 The player ordered to leave the court and the team disqualified are not allowed to return to
play in the same tournament.

4-2 Protests / Accidents

4.5 Protests and Questions
4.5.1 The decisions of the referees are final, and protest is not allowed.
4.5.2 If the coach has questions about these rules, he/she may ask a head referee or a
court manager about it.
4.6 Postponement and Cancel
4.6.1 The match is to be postponed or canceled if the weather conditions are so that it is
not safe to continue the match.
4.6.2 In the case of the cancel, If the first period of a match is completed, the match is
considered official.
4.7 Accidents
4.7.1 If a match cannot be continued due to injury, and if the injury was caused
intentionally or accidentary, the team which caused the injury will be declared the
loser. In the even that the cause of the injury is not clear, the team unable to continue
will be declared the loser.

5. Referee

5.1 The Referee has to look if someone on the field doesn’t follow the rules and have to punish players with yellow cards or red cards. 5.2 He also looks if a Player got hit by someone and call him out most of the players should raise their hand and leave the playground after getting hit by a snowball. 5.3 He have to start and to end the game.

These Rules are eddited by us from the normal Yukigassen rules, to play it with HotSnow Sources: http://www.yukigassen-intl.com/howtoplay.html