DEW2023 - Hamburg

5% – XXL Can


Motivation of the students to throw away their bottles and cans into the XXL can (too lazy to carry their trash downstairs)

The bottles get thrown away in the bin and can’t get recycled properly in that way. The students don’t have the motivation to go to the supermarket or to the XXL-Can to recycle the bottles, because it takes too much effort and has no reward. 




To implement our solution we need a Raspberry pi and a ultrasound sensor. This sensor helps to recognize if a bottle gets thrown into the XXL Can and to use the ultrasound sensor the pins need to get wired correctly. Pin 2 is for the 5V Voltage, pin 6 is for the ground, pin 7 to trigger the GPIO 4 and pin 11 is to trigger GPIO 17.

After the wiring the python code needs to know what to do with the ultrasound sensor. The plan is to measure the distance with the ultrasound sensor constantly. As soon as the distance changes for example when a bottle passes the sensor it will trigger the soundboard to play a random sound.