DEW2023 - Hamburg

Happy Wheels

 Team 11 – Team Bob

Barrier-Free – Inclusivity – Independency

The Problem

Many newly disabled people have problems getting back into their normal life. They don’t know where to start and where to find informations in order to improve their condition and get back on track.

Connecting to other people in the same boat is not easy when you first start off as you don’t yet have the connections.


Target Group

Recently disabled people that have to readjust their daily life. They are most often overwhelmed with their situation and try to look for help and people in a similar situation. We focused only on this specific niche to deliver a more specific solution.

Empathy map

With the Empathy map we managed to get more and better ideas which lead us closer to finding a fitting solotion. By trying to think what we would feel in such a situation we managed to exactly do that.

Our Solution

A social media platform to find people in a similar situation, job postings, restaurants, barrier-free places and possible help for everyone who needs it.

The thought was to make it easier specifically for people in this situation.

We implemented these basic features

  • A social media platform to find your people
  • A heatmap too have an easy overview of all the barrier free places in your area
  • the option to post job listings and to look for jobs that are barrier-free and accessible
  • A forum board to find informations, ask questions and discuss certain topics
  • A community created and operated wiki