DEW2023 - Hamburg


How to tame the World Wild Web


The Issue

because of the free and unlimited nature of the internet, Websites had

to be quick and aggressive about catching and keeping visitors to turn a profit

but what’s now a common strategy too keep as as many users as possible engaged

is exhausting and stressful to a growing populous.

Namely neurodivergent people suffering from audio/visual overload have a big Problem navigation through all the blinking lights, aggressive neon colors and self-playing Videos.


Empathy Map


Ideation Walt-Disney Method


The browser automatically detects when something is sensory overwhelming and automatically adjusts the website before it can be too much.


– We make a plugin that everyone can activate themselves or alternative websites that have a “calm” theme in addition to light and dark mode.
– In front of search results there is an indicator that shows how sensory overloaded a website is.
– You can report websites that seem to be overloaded and you can specify the criteria.


– In favor: Facilitate and possibly enable a group of people to access/use the internet.
– Against: Developing this product without studies and little experience -> blindly trying to solve a problem.
– What would need to change: Get an understanding of how to develop plugins.
– What can be improved: More surveys with affected people -> Involve them in the development. Create awareness among web developers
– What has been overlooked: Autism can be very different, other marginalized groups who have problems with web surfing are ignored.
– What does it cost: Costs time -> Lots of research. No amount of money, as nothing needs to be physically built.

What do we think about it: We think it is worthwhile as it can be carried on by others and can make web surfing easier for a certain group of people.


Our Solution

C.A.L.M is a Browser plugin that aimes to help people in two parts


by blocking self-playing videos and Irritating advertisements as well as tuning down the colors on a site.


sites will get a traffic-light indication (red to green) to “warn” people of how demanding a site can be.

On an larger scale the goal would be to provide “C.A.L.M” webpage alternatives that people with our plugin get redirected to

to experience the same page with “de-stressed” content.