AllgemeinHackathon Spain 2023

LED-Bridge by Pablosoft ©️


In partnership with ITECH in Hamburg and I.E.S. La Fuensanta in Cordoba, a two-week international workshop took place in November 2023.
In total, there were 13 students from Germany and 12 students from Spain, who were then divided into 4 groups.
Our group, consisting of 3 German students and 3 Spanish students worked on the task of the case sponsor, a local company called InterLight.

The Problem

InterLight requires motion sensor based illumination for a bridge in an area with protected wild-life.
Hence the need for a solution that only lights up the path of the bridge but not the water below it.
This is as to protect the natural environment of the frogs living in the pond below.
Additional requirements were given as well:

  • The bridge should be lit up only during hours of darkness
  • Illumination should happen only when a pedestrian is crossing the bridge
  • The color temperature of the light should reflect the current air temperature.

Our Approach

Given the requirements above, our group began work on developing and implementing a solution based on a prototype.
The technology stack we picked is as follows:

  • Arduino
  • Sensors for temperature, movement, and light
  • Connectors for the LED-Lamp

The logic behind it is as follows:
The Arduino runs our code that constantly monitors the motion sensor values once the sun has set.
When motion is detected and conditions match, light will be activated and the color temperature will match the correlating values of the temperature sensor connected to the Arduino.

Deliverables and Images

Our source-code can be found here

Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs as defined by the United Nations

For our team it was very important for our work to closely align with the development goals of the UN:

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • The solution, by using motion sensors to activate illumination only when needed, contributes to creating safer and more sustainable urban environments, aligning with the goal of making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

  • By implementing a system that lights up the bridge only when necessary (during darkness and when a pedestrian is crossing), the solution promotes responsible consumption of energy and contributes to sustainable production practices.

Our Group

🇩🇪 Steffi (Group lead)
🇩🇪 Max
🇩🇪 Jannik
🇪🇸 Juan
🇪🇸 Andres
🇪🇸 Pablo