Group 3 – Harbor Museum Shelter

First Task

We created a Sitting/Shelter Area for the Harbor Museum in Germany, Hamburg located at the Harbor.

Our first Task was to Create a Sustainable seating area at the Museum for that we created a 3D Modell.


Second Task

Our Second Task was to attract the Customer via a Mobile Game.

The Plan is to let the Customer enjoy their time waiting before entering the Museum itself.

For that we created a QR-Code that is directing you to our Web-App.
In the Game itself the Customer can collect infos about the Museum for example like the Peking a Ship that is located at the Outside of the Museum.  So you scan the QR-Code will directed to the Website where you can Collect a Sticker, if you collect the Sticker then you will be directed to another Page and can See Information about the Sticker you just collected.


The Sticker with the Button to Collect:


The Next Page with the Information about the Sticker