AllgemeinDEW2024 – Taipei

Group 5 – Indigo Adventures – Case 1

Our Case 

Nowadays the indigo dyeing culture is bonded to the problem of the lack of attracting younger generations to keep the tradition alive. With our adventure trip package we aim to solve this problem by combining sport activities such as canoeing and hiking with the indigo dyeing process. Here we have two options:

  1. Canoeing: Here the participants will dye their own life jacket vest with their own DIY Design. Furthermore a bag will be placed and tied to both ends of the paddle used for canoeing that will also be dyed in the style of the indigo design.
  2. Hiking: The second option is for the people with wanderlust but still like to have some sort of activity and will to explore the mountains in Sanxia. With this option, the hikers are going to collect the indigo plant leaves in a jute bag. This way they explore the nature and follow the traditional process of the dyeing process from its roots all the way to the end where they will be able to DIY their individual jute bag when the fermentation process of the dye will be finished.

The Group

The Business case

We want to take advantage of the geography, which includes rivers and mountains, to mix sports and tourism-attractions, which is traditional and adventures to attract many foreign tourists with multiple adventurous tours.

The Business Analysis

Our advertising approach

To advertise our adventure package to increase the awareness and attention to the indigo dyeing culture, we present our four page long poster with its most interesting facts and contents. We also present our project in form of a website where you can book the package as a group or as a single person. Furthermore we plan on posting our four page poster on social media to attract the younger generation.