DEW2024 – Taipei

Team 2Fabulous – An indigo dyeing Competition

The Case

The problem with Indigo dyeing is, that the people who are still doing the ceaft are getting increasingly old. To mitigate this effect and keep up the age old tradition of indigo dyeing in Taiwan we decided to create a Competition, where young people can create design patterns and submit them to win prizes and maybe even a contract with a manufacturing company to distribute their pattern to all around the globe. The competition aims to increase the awareness of indigo dyeing as a cultural and national heritage and aims to preserve it with the hopeful recruiting of a new swade of young people taking it up as a hobby, through the exposure to it by said competition.

The Group

The Business case

We increase awareness of indigo dyeing and are getting sponsors that can help manufacture the designs, thus increasing the amount of market awareness for the product.

Our advertising apporach

We decided to create flyers with the most important information and a QR Code which leads to our website where one can register for the event. We also intent to promote the event via the most important social media networks like facebook, Instagram and so on.