Hackathon Córdoba 2023

In September 2023, a Hackathon took place in Cordoba, Spain, with participants from ITECH and BHH from Hamburg and IES La Fuensanta from Córdoba. Funded by the Erasmus program, the workshop integrated a case provided by Interlight, a company in Cordoba, emphasizing collaboration between education and industry. This event aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, encouraging students and apprentices to devise sustainable design solutions. The partnership with Interlight not only enriched the experience with practical insights but also highlighted the workshop’s commitment to engaging with the local business ecosystem.

Design Entrepreneurship Workshop Hamburg 2023

02 September – 18 September 2023

In September 2023, in collaboration with apprentices and students from ITECH and BHH from Hamburg, MCUT from Taipei and Raseko from Turku, we conducted a Design Entrepreneurship Workshop in Hamburg. The workshop was enriched by real-life cases provided by two dedicated NGOs from Hamburg, focusing on solutions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. Participants actively engaged in developing and implementing sustainable design concepts. The outcomes of their work are available for review through a provided link.

Additionally, the program was augmented by a trip to Berlin, which featured a cultural and political agenda. This excursion added another layer to the experience, offering participants insights into the historical and cultural facets of Berlin as well as exposing them to the political discourse and developments that shape Germany’s capital.

Back in Hamburg, further events, including discussions with local companies, were organized. These dialogues enabled the participants to gain firsthand insights into the business world and establish connections that could prove invaluable for their future careers.

The support of the Joachim Herz Foundation was crucial to the success of the entire program. Their assistance enabled not only the financing and execution of the workshop but also the additional events and the excursion to Berlin. We are deeply grateful to the foundation for their generosity and commitment to fostering education and understanding of economics.

Design Centric Business Model Workshop Taipei 2023

24 April – 13 May 2023

Together with trainees and students from ITECH, BHH and MCUT, we conducted the Design Centric Business Model Workshop in Taipei in April and May 2023. Four companies from Taiwan and Germany brought a case to this workshop.

The cases are based on sustainable developement goals. Please check the results here.

Virtual and international Design Entrepreneurship Workshop 2022

17 June – 04 July 2022

Following our successfull programs with our international partners MCUT in Taiwan … (more)


French-German Sustainable Smart Living Workshop 2021

In cooperation with the CMQ – Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications Numérique Drôme-Ardèche (Valence/France) and the German-French Agency for exchange in vocational education ProTandem we are glad to establish a new international partnership. In May 2021 we held the first „Design Thinking and Entrepreneuship Workshop“ with students from France and Germany, due to Covid as an collaborative, digital event.


ITECH bili-Hackathon 2020 – Living with the Virus


2020 Virtual Design Entrepreneurship Workshop News: