DEW2023 - Hamburg

Keep your family organized

Do you know these situations? Standing in the supermarket and trying to remember what else you wanted to buy? An untidy hallway because your kids forgot it was their task to clean it this time? We’ll soon have you covered as we’re about to release our new TaskTracker app. It will simplify and enhance your family life.

The app gives you an user-friendly overview of all of your and your family’s tasks. They can be configured with a due date or be repeated with an adjustable timeframe. Moreover, you can share every task you want with your family or friends. Additionally, you can assign members to certain tasks. The app can be used either completely offline or with a login to our services to keep your tasks synchronized across all your devices. ☁️

It is developed with Flutter, a modern framework that supports both Browser and Mobile clients. The app can be accessed everywhere and receives live updates. Once another member does a change you will notice it immediately.

Get ready for a more organized, connected, and joyous family life with your TaskTracker app – launching soon! 🚀