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Food waste ends up wasting nearly a quarter of our water supply in the form of uneaten food or over $172 billion in wasted water. … When food is disposed in a landfill it rots and becomes a significant source of methane – a potent greenhouse gas with 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.


You are planning a party or you are looking for a catering firm for your company, and you want high quality meals, you care about the environment and you are concerned about waste?

Cater green makes dining green! Delicious meals from your favorite restaurants will be brought to your location in our amazing cater green machine. Don’t worry about waste because meals are tailored to the number and wishes of your guests, and if there are any leftovers, these will be donated to a food bank. Of course, our plates and cutlery are reusable, so there will be no plastic waste either.


When we started cater green, we did not think about parties or dining. We thought about problems we want to solve. With our services we create sustainable events. Meals prepared individually for each guest contribute to reducing food waste, our materials are reusable so we reduce packaging waste, and we provide individually packaged meals that are sanitary and safe, which is especially important in the current times. Furthermore, we collaborate with restaurants that provide meals cooked from high quality ingredients, which is important for a healthy life style. But our corporate social responsibility does not end here: Our restaurant partners and their suppliers must abide by our high environmental social governance standards.


You are planning your birthday party, the next business conference or your wedding? You need catering for 500 employees at your company or 1,000 students at your school? With cater green you choose meals from a variety of local restaurants, and your guests can order the meal that they like best. The meals will be delivered to your location in our cater green machine. The cater green machine keeps the meals fresh and safe, but serves them hot and delicious whenever your guests are ready to eat. We will take care of the work, and you can relax and enjoy your meal!

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