DEW2024 – Taipei

Case 2: Atayal Culture – Group 4

The Atayal Tribe is currently facing several significant challenges, including limited transportation and access, deserted event spaces, an aging population, and an insufficient online presence. To rejuvenate tourism and ensure the preservation of their culture to both foreigners and tribe members, we have thoroughly analyzed these issues and developed targeted solutions.

This graphic gives an overview of our working process:

We used diverse strategic planning tools (e.g. Business Model Canvas) to come up with solutions and analyse the potential of the Atayal people and culture:

To have a better online Presence and get the attention of tourists we created a prototype for a new website. Link : Website Prototype

Lastly as a new Attraction Area we have a concept plan for the area at Xikou Suspension bridge:

Find the whole presentation here: Case 2 – Group 4