G18 – eDinner

What is the issue?

Many people are stuck at home due to Covid-19 and feel lonely from the many days of isolation. They miss going out for dinner with friends or meeting new people outside.

How do we plan to fight this issue with our solution?

We decided to develop a webtool that lets you call with your friends or soon to be friends(strangers) and eat dinner together online.

Why not just use existing call tools?

We made a very simply designed website with minimal base functions to make it accessible for everyone. You can join someone in a dinner call by the simple press of a button.

To really distance ourselves from other services, we got features planned that let you choose your own interests and what you are looking for in a dinner partner. Whether it’s movie taste, sports or simply a language you are trying to practice with someone over a nice dinner conversation.

Who are “we”?

We are three students doing our computer science education(in Germany we call it Ausbildung). Our names are Jan, Tobias and Lennart. We’ve been doing this education/job for over a year now.

Visit us

We will gladly answer questions to our project and will also demo our website for you.

Our process