G20 – Live your life again

Live your life again

For the current pandemic in 2020, we decided to work on a significant problem for party-people.

In the current state it is not possible to go out on the weekends. You are forced to stay at home and go down on your loneliness.

So we had the idea to create an online-party service. On our Homepage you can listen to your favorite music genres and have a nice chat with random people around the world.

It is planned to implement an interactive chat with videochat function.

Why dont you check it out?

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See the prototype for yourself or sneak a peek at the code in our Git

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We are focusing on people illustrated down below in the persona. Our target is about giving opportunities to different social-groups to express themselves as they used to before the virus. 

Empathy Map

Our thoughts on what is the mindset of our customers during the lockdown. It makes sense to think about what are our customers like and what might be their thoughts on this specific topics. This is our result.

Business Canvass

What are our thoughts on the business model. Down below we listed a few things that might come in handy when we are thinking about our business model. From key partners to revenue streams.