G01 – Shop4Me

The Problem

During the current health crisis we encounter many problems, one of the biggest is Shopping. Everyone needs to go shopping at some point. But what if you can’t go yourself because of a high health risks or physical problems? And what if you don’t know someone who can help you?

Our Idea

A shopping app where Users can:

  • Put together their own shopping list
  • Choose between many products
  • Register new products
  • Shop other users shopping lists
  • Earn some Money helping others

Mock Up

Our Solution

A completly new Shopping App called Shop4Me.

An elegant product category display page leading to the the product page of each category.

The product display page where the products of the specific product category are displayed.

The products can be added to your basked in this page.

You can add missing products yourself.

With the Basket system you can add Products to the list.

It is posible to choose different amounts of products.

The order can be confirmed from within the basket system at any point within the Shop4Me App.

In the Shop4You section all open orders from other users are visible.

You can accept their orders if you want to buy and deliver the products to the specific customer.

The Accepted Orders section displays all accepted orders.

The Address where you have to deliver the order to is also visible.

In the Your Orders section all personal orders are displayed.

You can delete or confirm finished orders.

Detailed information about the person in charge of your order is also displayed in this section.

Technical Solution

We use the newest modern Technologies like ASP.Net Core and Azure SQL with modern work methods like code first and regular scrum meetings.

Business Model

The Future

In the future we want to add new Features and a better Visual design to our app, this will include:

  • A better landing page
  • Better User management
  • Report system
  • Search functionality
  • A Payment system which is managed by us so that no one can ask for money without service
  • Pricing system
  • Chat system between buyer and client
  • Notification system

About Us

We are a small startup of only three people with the vision to make the current time as easy as posible. We try to make the best from to user shoping App possible.

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