G12 – Vaccination Passport

Our Mission

YOUR HEALTH! Currently almost everyone of us is affected by the coronavirus. Most of us are unable to travel, go to a restaurant not just for the food but also to statisfy our need for social interaction. We need to think about whether it is okay and legal to meet our friends. We all have been struggeling with this unique situation, which is hard on all of us. Therefore we thought about a way to shorten the duration of this situation for as many people as possible.

Our Solution

Our solution is basically digital vaccination passport. The digital vaccination passport is based on a central database, which stores the data for each vaccinated person. Furthermore there is the option of a certificate to prove that your are vaccinated. What deos that include for you?

The digital vaccination passport is voluntary, you can choose whether to participate and also which vaccinations you would like to have recorded in the digital vaccination passport. The stored data would be accesible to you as you wish and could only be updated through your doctor. Furthermore you can apply to get a certificate via E-Mail, which can be used to travel, eat in restaurants etc.

The certificate would be highly applicable in every type of buisness that deals with customers. Restaurants could open again and service customers with a vaccination certificate also travel with a covid vaccination certificate would be possible again, therefore most of the buisnesses, except for online trade would profit from out solution.

Prototype of a Graphical User Interface and a certificate

About us

We (Norman K., René B., Joshua D.) are a group of students at the professional school: ITECH BS14! We are a team of three students who are currently in training to become a it-specialist for system integration. This project was created as part of a hackathon during which we were given the theme “Living with the Virus”.


You can contact us through our instagram page, furthermore you can also write us an email at: vaccination.passport@gmail.com.


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