G8 – local_map

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King

Social isolation, lack of mobility, local businesses struggle to stay afloat, changing of the life style and rhythm, salary reduction or even job loss — pandemic has brought changes in life of each of us. People have to cope with much more problems than before, sometimes with absolutely no support from the others.

In such difficult times you begin to understand the need of having a strong community and appreciate even the smallest contribution in its development each of us could provide.


Problem definition


Who needs help: local communities

What needs to be done: grow together to be able to support each other

Where should it happen: on a local scale (in neighborhoods)

Why should it be done: if communities grow together they manage to survive the (in)direct effects of a crisis.


Our Solution…


… is local_map! We provide people (individuals, local shops and businesses etc.) a possibility to get connected on a local level to make a stronger community so that support and help can find its way to those who need it.

local_map is a web application, where people can enter different requests and offerings, which get displayed based on there entered address and location (Mobile, GPS).


For people and businesses, who need help as well as who can provide it



It doesn’t matter if you:

  • own a small shop with special treatment for elderly people
  • just have some time spare to help others
  • need some help (e.g. to walk your dog, bring you some groceries).



local_map should enhance social care in a community and give people a possibility to make a real difference. 

Our plan for now is to engage as many large businesses and local administration as possible so that they would provide instances of local map for their districts. Because, in the result, you and they will be a part of a more socially responsible community and strengthen the local economy. Win-win situation👍

But if you can’t wait to get an instance of local_map for your neighborhood, all you need to do is contact us, so that we could help you to set up the instance for a small fee. We also provide custom service: if you need special features, let us know, so that we could implement them for your map!

Start connecting people! Get the instance of local_map and make the real difference by getting people supporting each other!


Watch a small video about local_map on Youtube


Check our Instagram to find out more!


Visit us in Wonder.me Room 1 Booth 8


About Us

Hi there, we are Christian(backend developer) and Anastasia(frontend developer) 🙂 We are both kind of people, who cares about others and are passionate about creating something worthy for the society. Doing all school projects together, we learned to complement each other. We work on projects as equal partners and have each other’s back in difficult situations. local_map is our vision on how life in communities should look like. 

Here you can take a look on all methods we’ve used and worksheets we’ve gathered while doing our project.


UPD: Christian can’t participate today due to the operation he had recently. With his deep knowledge in our technical environment, Christian did a great job in backend. However, in his absence and without his deep operational knowledge we didn’t manage to host our prototype so that you could appreciate our effort. But we will achieve it ASAP, when Christian will be back to us and let you know 😊